Monday, 31 May 2010

First Blood!

If you have followed our posts on Gtronic like a real noise-addict, you might remember us quoting the man himself "I don't like making mixtapes, I'd rather get famous with tracks and remixes."(or at least something like that). One of the thoughts that popped up in my mind when I heard this was: what if they asked him for something like BBC's essential mix? He wouldn't let that chance slip trough his fingers would he?
And I was right - we didn't had to wait for an essential mix (let's pray that one's still in the pipeline!)-, Gtronic made a mixtape cd for trashbags, and that mixtape was aired on Studio Brussel (Belgian radio station) last friday.

The tracklist is definitely bangin', filled with some stuff that you will probably hear for the very first time!

Gtronic - Mixtape for Trashbags and Studio Brussel (direct link, 96 kbps)

1. Kolt 13 ft. WEB - Love at the speed of light (Gtronic remix)
2. Gooseflesh - Blow up
3. WAT - Ground Zero (Dilemn remix)
4. The Mould - Soldier take a rifle
5. Audiodidakt - Shit your rack (Proxy remix)
6. Polymorphic - Move faster
7. MMMatthias - LIES (La tourette remix)
8. Haezer - Who the fuck is haezer? (cyberpunkers remix)
9. Barretso - We won't stop (Saint pauli Remix)
10. Rotze - Lowlife (Dyebox Remix)
11. Trumpdisco - Not for me
12. The oddword - Kortelas (vnnr remix)
13. DJ Antention - Go
14. Gtronic - Sucker punch

The mix cd where the mix is featured on (First Blood) in full quality, will be released only in Australia, with another set from Nadisko on side B. Definitely worth your well earned bucks if you live down under!

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