Thursday, 20 May 2010

Wrap up # 2

I was planning to do a small, normal post today, but when I checked our inbox, I realised that I had to do another wrap-up. There was just to many good stuff!

It's been quite a long time since we shared some good mixtapes with you, but I think that a new Burn Paris Burn-tape will fill this need. It comes from the drunk Sicilians better known as Blatta & Inesha, who made a very typical intro for this tape. Paul from Mustard Pimp, the guys themselves and another dude who are singing "Con te partiro" from Bocelli.
The tape itself is filled with trashy, filthy and fidget-ty songs, the way mixtapes have to be!

Burn Paris Burn # 3 - Blatta & Inesha by burnparisburn

VNDL, who got featured on this page in March(check that post here), made a new original. It's dark, heavy, trashy, distorted and ravey electro, but he actually got a bit of his inspiration from a hardcore track. Iszoloscope, a hardcore producer who's also living in Montreal, made a track, the "in the face of descent". And he sampled the orchestral from it in his latest production, called "Scope Iszolo". Preview it on his souncloud here, or download with the mediafire link.

VNDL - Scope Iszolo

Deafman keeps on making stuff that amaze me from the very first time I hear them, "Motocompo" is no different. With their blend of electro and techno, these guys are sure to pop off!

I also found this remix from Shax, it really gives this gypsy song the punch it needs!
Starts real weird, gypsy style, but it gets hard, I promise you!

CRUX034 - Brian V. "Moussaka" (SHAX Remix) by SHAX

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