Friday, 22 October 2010

Happy birthday!

I almost forgot that we exist exactly 1 year today. At the 22th of october in 2009 I wrote my first post, giving my first readers some of my all-time favorite tracks. Illstm, Disco Villains, Trumpdisco, Mashed Paper Klub and Felix Cartal were the dudes that got honored by a post that day, and I still love them all. It's been a nice year, I got to know a lot of cool projects that I never would have run into if I wasn't doing this. But let's just cut the crap, and get to the birthday gifts right?

Gtronic and Nadisko mixed the first Tuff em up compilation cd, called "first blood". I received 3 of those as a gift from Gtronic, because we were supporting him since a long time. I kept one for myself, so that means that I have 2 of those left. I'm giving these away to our Belgian readers (I don't have the money to ship this to the other side of the world)! All you have to do is comment on this post why you would like to receive this cd, and the 2 funniest comments win! Kinda easy isn't it?

After a week I'll pick the comments that I laughed the most with, and I'll contact them to make sure the cd gets in the right hands.

This cd features tracks by Gtronic, Polymorphic, The Oddword, Autodidakt,... I guarantee that you'll party your ass off!


  1. Going to hit you with a SPADE, I WILL PUNCH YOU, SUCKER, I will DESTROY you by SLASHING if you don't send it to me(To say it short:You will die in 15 SECONDS)!So if you want to see your BLOOD FIRST send it to another guy... PS: I'm a SOLDIER so I WILL TAKE A RIFLE to shoot you!! I WILL BLOW UP everthing for this cd. Until we have a 2nd GROUND ZERO. Now GO and send it to me, MOVE FASTER!!!! send this LOVEly shit AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT!


  2. Because I am den bierkoning?:p

  3. ik ken een mop, twee tette in nen enveloppe!

    I know a joke, two breast in an envelope!

    Je sais une blague, deux seins dans une enveloppe!

    Ich weisse ein Witz, zwei titten in ein Briefumschläge!

    voila da waren 4 goei moppen! :D

  4. gaat door met uwen cd man ik wil justin bieber god,ver,dom,me !!!!

  5. the Anonymous post is MINE BTW , kwas nie ingelogd xD