Thursday, 21 October 2010

Saint Lezz

Comic Strips made a nice new track, called "Sainthood". He is giving it away for free once more, but I think this dude could make serious money if he found a good label. "Sainthood" uses chorus voices to get you into the right mood, and then it drops you right in the middle of the dancefloor. But anyway, I think that I'll like anything that uses Comic Strips trademark: dry, hard and even a bit sticky beats.

SaintHood by Comic Strips

In the short time that this track was online, a dude called Bullwack made a smashing remix already. This shifts the label of the track a bit more towards the dubstep, but it would still fit perfectly in a hard electro set. As you can see, this song has a shitload of comments already, you can take that as a sign of how good the quality is!

Comic Strips - Sainthood (Bullwack Remix) by BULLW∆CK

The 2 songs can be downloaded in 320 quality for free here!

Moore & Lezz had the honor of appearing on this page 2 times already, and I think it's time for their third post! They just released their first Ep on the Amsterdam based "Basserk" record label, and let me tell you something... It's a BEAST!
5 original tracks (no remixes), all worth your pennies and all 100 % ready to play in a hard electro set. It was hard to pick a favorite, but in the end I think I'll follow our Belgian pride Gtronic, who picked "Tyrannosaurus" as the best track.
"Click clack" and the "Click clack (Lezz's reload)", are basically the same track (I guess you already thought something like that), but the Lezz's reload is slightly better if you ask me. The pistol in the original gets replaced by a machine gun, and when seen as a whole, the track is just a bit harder.
"Smash your phone" uses a sample from an old phone, and then it totally smashes it, on the rhythm of some aggressive vocals.
The last track aims for a slightly more funky feeling, and this is definitely the most chilled track from the whole Ep. Moore & Lezz just can't leave it chilled like that and use a few high pitching synths to make it an all-round party tune, maybe even the one that people who aren't that much into trash will dig the most.

Buy it on the basserk store here, pre-listen it on soundcloud below and download the free promo "Click Clack" promo track through this link.

Click Clack EP by Moore & Lezz

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