Monday, 11 October 2010

Let's go Barbra!

The highly anticipated Ep from Dem Slackers is finally out on Bmkltsch records. I've got a permission to share the Bart B More "Oldskool" remix (there is also a "Lessgo" remix). Both remixes have basically the same build-up, but the drop is totally different. The "Oldskool" remix goes for the kids that still like to rave, while the "Lessgo" fits in with the more calm trends of today. Both remixes are cool, but I personally prefer the "Oldskool" remix. I'll always be a raver I guess... The original "Let's go" and the Peacetreaty remix are worth your well earned bucks too!

The second track of the Ep, Swagger (Ft. Dan Stezo), was mixed by Clouds and Evil Nine. I highly prefer the Clouds remix, because the typical hardness from the "we're so not funny that it gets funny" guys from Edinburgh always gets me excited. The original track is a piece of high quality distortion rave sounds, but for that, you will have to get your ass to beatport to buy the full Ep!

Now that even your dog knows what a damn catchy track Barbra Streisand from Duck sauce is, it's up to the remixers to rework it. The tricky thing about it is to surprise the crowds with a track that keeps the good things from the original intact, but also adds a personal touch. F2U tried, and nailed it for the full 100 %. Not everyone's piece of cake I guess, but this is a very nice, harder rework from one of the most hyped tracks of the year. Enjoy!

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  1. ouwie-ou-hie-hie-ou-hie-ou-hie-ou-hou!!!