Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Stripping fluffers

Comic Strips, I almost can't believe that there was a time were I wasn't aware of his existence. His tracks are so well made, so hard hitting and energetic, he's becoming one of my favorite young guns in the industry. If you share my opinion about him, check his latest remix below, and give him some love by favoriting it (click on the link to get to his soundcloud page, and then click the little heart in the upper left corner). If he wins, it will get released on Crux records, and that would be more than awesome!

Asian Trash Boy-Whisper (Comic Strips Remix) by Comic Strips
I haven't spread much word about The Squatters, a duo from Leeds in the UK, but their latest track really caught my attention. They still make tracks that sound a bit fidgetty, but unlike most of the other fidget projects they don't get boring by giving every track the same beat pattern (like the older crookers remixes - but that was way better than most of their new stuff). This one sounds like a vintage "3 is a crowd" track, but then spiced up with some samples. This is what a dancefloor needs nowadays!

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