Sunday, 17 October 2010

Haezer interview

If you regularly check this page, you sure have read something about Haezer. This South-African motherfucker is conquering the world at a speed that Hitler would have been jealous at. Because his second European tour was starting at the Fuse club in Brussels, I thought it was a great idea to go ask him some questions.

When I became a fan of you on facebook, you only had like 2000 fans, and that was somewhere in the month of april I think. Now you almost have 6500 fans, how does it feel to be in the middle of such a hype?

Well, actually I don't feel like I'm so famous. I still feel like a baby when compared to the real big guns, but I'm only producing for a year and a half, and I'd rather grow a bit slow instead of booming now and not being cool anymore in a year. And after all, what kind of an indication of popularity is facebook? With just one click, you can become a fan of my music, so it's not very hard to get a lot of "fans" there.

Your music doesn't really sound like something that girls would like to listen to, but when I look at pictures from your party's, there are a lot of girls in the crowd. Is it always like that, or does the photographer just like to take pictures from the girls?

Haha, when I started playing only boys came to my shows to dance, but now the public is a bit more mixed. I also think that boys and girls like to express their dark side, and my music gives them a chance to do that.

What is it like to start a career in South-Africa? Is there a big audience for your kind of music?

When I started producing, there were a lot of people who were playing the hard kind of electro, but they didn't made their own tracks. But there was an audience for it, and I was the first to start producing. A few months ago I started a new party concept with Markus Wormstorm, called garden boys, to keep the scene going in Cape town.

So I assume that the scene in South-Africa is now a bit bigger, are there any cool projects we should keep an eye on?

Yeah, it's maybe a bit false, because they are actually friends of mine, but I really like Double-Adapter.

This is your first gig ever in Belgium, what do you know from the scene here?

I know Gtronic of course, because I played with him a few times, and then I have a lot of projects that I don't know where they're from. Like Trashing Teenagers, apparently they are from Belgium, but I was totally unaware of that until some time.

What would be your perfect party?

I love party's where there aren't too many people, but everybody is partying his ass off, and is totally fucked up!

From all the tracks and remixes that you've done, which one is your favourite?

My favourite remix would be the one I made for Wasabi's - Killer king. It's my newest remix, and I tried to make it a little different than my usual stuff. I will also be opening with it tonight!

And your favourite track?

Hmm, that's a difficult one... I actually like all my tracks, but if I have to pick one, I'll take "It's not our fault", because the vocal is so cool.

It's not our fault by HAEZER

And to end with the things that really matter, what is you favourite drink?

Aha! That would be Jack Daniels! But when I'm playing, I usually drink tequila. Tonight I'll be drinking Wodka though!

Allright man, thanks for you time!

You're welcome!

After this interview, Haezer played one of the best sets I have ever seen. 100% raw energy, and the crowd was going completely nuts!

Pictures by Sarah Vanoverschelde

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