Thursday, 14 October 2010

Trumpdisco EP

After some delay, the Trumpdisco EP is finally out! All five tracks are bangers of a kind rare to be heard nowadays, trashy, but not so trashy that only the boys will like it. My favourite is "not drowning, raving", but I'm just a sucker for silly vocals (Winzlow has no... dick!) and grinding basslines. "Bullshit" and "Spade" are bangers just the same, but this time the vocals are somewhat less silly - not to say that there aren't any (except one big fat "bullshit" in, you've guessed it, "Bullshit"). "The big wrench" is the track that I would use as an opener, it starts melodic and slow, and after the drop the party is determined to start! The last track is a bit of a setback, not because it's not a good one, but every self respecting Trumpdisco fan has this track in his itunes for more than a year already. But if Trumpdisco is new for you, you should definitely give "1971" a listen!

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Trumpdisco EP by Trumpdisco

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