Sunday, 31 October 2010

Wrap up # 6

Even though the posting was at an acceptable level the last weeks, there was still a bunch of cool stuff that didn't got posted, and since it started to get alarmingly big, there was only one option left... Wrap up time!

I always think that I have found my fail-proof way to catch all the fresh bangers that are currently circling through the wide web, but when I bump into something cool after a lot of other blogs hyped it already, I realize yet again that I too am but a humble human being.
Such a thing happened this week, when I finally checked out Breakdown's much anticipated track "Pet Monster". The reason why I didn't gave it a try when it was featured on Gottadancedirty and tons of other blogs was just plain laziness, and I should punish myself for having done it. This track blends electro with a touch of dubstep, the result is a prime halloween banger! Check out the funny video they made for it, and download the track for free!

The Amsterdam based label Basserk released a shitload of music recently, since the 1st of september they pumped out 5 hours, 28 minutes and 2 seconds of heavy, trashy, violent electro music. The release that took my fancy (besides the Moore & Lezz Ep that I reviewed some time ago), is the one from Portuguese bouncer Klipar. "Gogo", the absolute killer track from the release, can best be compared to Tigger from Winnie the pooh while he has an energy boost. Jumpy, bouncy, party!

Free promo track "Gogo"

Buy the whole release on beatport!

Designer Drugs new track, "Through the Prism", is a free give away to prepare the world for their first album "Hardcore/softcore" which will soon be released on ultra records. If you haven't heard of Designer Drugs before, this track is one of their finest, but check out "Drop Down" too.

To end with something trashy, I force you to give Wyke some of your time. His new production "French Beef" is definitely going in the right direction, but I still feel like there is something missing... Nevertheless, this dude will probably find out what it is, and make his next productions better and better!


  1. Pet Monster makes me think about Bart BMore - Brap.

  2. I see what you mean, but I like Pet Monster 10 times more than Brap :D!