Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Disco villains say: Ice Ice Baby!

A fresh Disco Villains tune, they remixed Vanilla's Ice classic "Ice Ice baby", typical Disco Villains stuff (= awesome). They might be coming to Europe around march/april, but they are still looking for some more gigs to get their flight costs completely covered. So if you want to see a fuckin' great party, give them some money so they can come over!

Vanilla Ice - Ice ice baby (Disco Villains remix)

Just found a new Trumpdisco track, so I thought it was my duty to give it to you guys!

Phoenix - 1901 (Trumpdisco vs Violate)

Soundboysrock are a french duo from Troyes, who made a cool remix for Todd Terry and Tara Mcdonald's track "play on". Since it's an electro remix, they made it more ravey, with a great build-up and some high noises in the background. Got me jumping from the first time I heard it, something that's not so easy since I've been listening to so much electro music lately.

Todd Terry feat Tara mcdonald - Play on (soundboysrock remix)

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