Monday, 14 December 2009

Trash, anybody?

Bronstibock (Peter Rutten and Sanne Groeneveld) is an Amsterdam based dj-duo, and they are making distorted, noisy, screeching electro. Just the way I like it! With a couple of releases on the Basserk record label, they have caught our attention. The Aux Raus remix for "The brick is in the air" really got me jumping, and the other 2 songs I'm giving you are bangers aswell. Black and Decker' electro at its best!

Bronstibock - The brick is in the air (Aux Raus remix)
Bronstibock - Levi
Tanzkonsol - she left me (Bronstibock remix)

P2t! At the time of my first post about them, they had released just a couple of songs, and they weren't noticed by the crowd. Now, they'll release their remix for The Killer Rabbits on D.E.N.S records, and their tracks got featured on a couple of blogs. And their sound just keeps on getting better! This last one has some funny vocals in it, I can really see them getting big!

P2t - I kill you

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