Monday, 28 December 2009

Lots of talk and tunes, lack of pics

I've been searching the internet today to give you some tunes, and I think I have succeeded!
The first one is a track from Huoratron, "Gbay". Typical Huoratron shit, scary, screeching, sawing, soul-sucking electro!

Huoratron - Gbay

This one is a fidget song, a genre that has been pushed a bit to much to the background on this blog. Typical jackin basslines, looped vocals, everything's there to get you dancin.

Tjr - Booty move

Remember what I said about P2t getting big? Check this latest remix by The Killer Rabbits for their track "jump", trashy, ravey, it has it all! That description fits perfectly for the second remix that I'm giving you, the remix by The Third.

P2t - Jump (The Killer Rabbits remix)
P2t - Jump (The third remix)

And a last one, these guys don't need an introduction anymore I think....
The Disco Villains! Their next Ep will be remixed by Gigi Barocco, so keep your eyes and ears wide open for that!

The Futureflashes - Get Down the funk (Disco Villains remix)

And the last one, also a fidget, jackin tune:

Paul Anthony - Let me Bang (Figure remix)

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