Friday, 4 December 2009

Sawgood interview

Like I said in my previous post, Clément Mulot from Sawgood promised us an interview. With our crappy French, and his sucky English, this sure wasn't easy, but because music is a universal language, we managed to get some valuable information out of him.

So Clement, let's start with your latest track "Teenage blitz": how did you came up with the idea to make a track with A girl and a gun? Did you contacted her, or did she made the first move?

I heard her voice on myspace, and I loved it immediately! So I decided to make her a piece, and she made some vocals for it. Then she did a remix contest with these vocals, but I didn't participated on that one because Crux records would release them under contract.

What's your idea of a perfect party?

A room to relax, my friends, some beers, wodka, a metro, a taxi, 50000 watt's, a dj, a party room, and my girl. And you?

My perfect party is a dancefloor packed with partypeople, who are jumping, screaming, crowdsurfin',... And a dj who's partying like a fool. Talking about a fool, at Fight Klub in Brussels you were sharing the decks with Huoratron. What was it like?

It was amazing! I don't listen to tons of music, I just have a list with a dozen of artists which I'm really, really digging. Life would be hard without their imputs! Bands like Noisia, Spor, Huoratron, Kissy Sell Out, Dilemn, Proxy, No Money, … , just all those producers which created their own beautiful and immediately recognizable sound. So sharing the decks with huoratron was pretty awesome!

Kissy sell out played some of your tracks some months ago. How come he picked you? And are there some other big guns who played your tunes?

Ah, that's story is really cool! One day, Kissy (which really is one of my biggest idols) changed his myspace status. I commented something funny on that, and the next moment, he sent me an e-mail to say that he was really loving my music! If I gave him some 320-bpm versions, he would give me some support. Since then, he has helped me with every new song that I produce.
There are also some big dj's who have helped me, like Calvertron and Defunct!, who remixed my first Ep (called pompin'). Famous dj's who played my songs include: Bloody Beetroots, Blatta&Inesha, Mustard Pimp, Hostage,...

Impressive list! I hope that there will be loads of others who can be added to it after this ep! Do you have a favorite Belgian dj/producer?

Yeah, of course. I really love Chant of Victory and Mashed Paper Klub.

How do you start when making a new track?

Basically, I start with making a synth that sounds like I love it (a heavy and pumpin' bass), then I make a melody with that synth, and I finish it up with a rhythm. It's often very dirty and a bit messy, so I have to remodify everything. Then I put the things in who are still missing ( leads, fx, ghost drums), and I clean it up.

Do you prefer dj'ing or producing?

That’s a difficult one. I’m actually a real composition geek, I can’t get sleep without thinking about a fat beat or a cool riff. I also love to play for an audience, but I’m not a real dj. Sometimes I’m afraid that the people won’t like it, afraid to be too much in my own world. If I have the certainty that people love what I do, I might even be willing to compose live on stage!

Beer or something stronger?

Both, my friend… I always start and end with beer. That’s also the reason why I’m coming back to Belgium soon!

What are your future plans?

Oh man, I have loads, tons of plans! A lot of feats., with Stereoheroes, Blatta&Inesha, Calvertron and an unknown Russian dj. A lot of remixes will be coming your way soon, and I also have planned a release of my third Ep on Plasmapool.

Thnx man!


Sawgood's top 5 songs of the moment:

Ajapai - What do you hear
J.rabbit - Ninja Gaiden
September - Until I die (Feed Me remix)
Foreign Beggars and Noisia - Contact (Drum n Bass Mix)
Dj Antention - Behind a door (original mix)


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