Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Iron man & the new Proxy!

A little while ago, we gave you some tracks from Gtronic's "Iron man" Ep, and now Stereoheroes gave us their remix of this amazing track. They added some vocals to it, this gives the song a whole new face. Consider it a (belated) Christmas gift from them! If you want to buy the whole Ep in 320 versions, it's available on beatport.

Gtronic - Iron Man (Stereoheroes remix)

Vecho is another great Belgian electro project, their tracks are bombin'! The "Waters of Nazareth" remix starts so fucking hard and loud, I almost couldn't believe my ears! Same story for the "Rombo" remix. I thought the originals couldn't be harder, but Vecho has proven me wrong. They also remixed the militaristic fairytale called "8000", and this remix got me headbanging from the first second. Vecho's sound can be described as typical Proxy noise, I'm really loving it.

The Bloody Beetroots - Rombo ( Vecho remix)
Justice - Waters of Nazareth (Vecho remix)
Proxy - 8000 (Vecho remix)

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