Wednesday, 9 December 2009


For an unknown reason, I haven't posted something about those 2 crazy Dutchmen... Let's start with their latest remix for Oh snap!, "Plus size model". They gave it their typical "mighty" touch, resulting in a speedy fidget song that I loved since the first time I heard it. Their older remix for Oh snap! which was given the name "I'm too fat be a hipster", has graced my ears for a solid 30 times, according to the statistics on my Ipod. Enough reasons to give you that one too!

Oh snap! - Plus size model (Mightyfools remix)
Oh snap! - I'm too fat to be a hipster (Mightyfools remix)

For the second part of my post, I was thinking about giving you my favourite Mightyfools records. But for a second I didn't realise what an immense ammount of bangers they have produced already, and choosing would be very painfull... So I'm just giving some of their most unknown tracks, for a complete archive of their tunes, check wizards are better.

Breakdown - Break the system (Mightyfools rmx)
Jackinori - Ba bada (Mightyfools remix)
Liam Vizzle - That banana track (Mightyfools remix)
De grote Donnie, Vinnie en Sjakie show - Koffee was up (mightyfools too much cafeine rmx)

So these tracks are only a fragment of their immense discography, and basically EVERY track they have made got me jumping. Their tracks are played by big names like Don Rimini, Sound of Stereo, Mightyfools, ... Wait! what? Yup, Mightyfools know how to turn the tables, so if you can catch them somewhere in your hood, don't hesitate and move your lazy ass to the party!


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