Monday, 8 March 2010


To see if a song gets my attention, I have some techniques, and they are different for each genre. For heavy electro stuff (from artists that I have never heard of), I just play it when I'm doing something else, and if I stop doing these things to look at the name of the track because I think: "Holy s#*t, what the f*ck is this?!?", then I'm hooked.

That's the way I listened to VNDL, and his tracks definitely gave me that spark, and also an urge to start headbanging (which I did). This dude (Philippe Vandal) is only 19 years old, and lives in Montréal, Canada. He describes his sound as "distorted, trashy (Proxy-like...but not Proxy :p)". He has a monthly venue at the Saphir, an underground club in his hometown. He does his mixing and dj-ing stuff pure for the pleasure, and he started mixing about one year and a half ago.
Nexuspetrol (Felix Montmorency) is a friend of his, and it was him who got him into producing. He learned Philippe how to work with ableton, and they made some tracks together.
I think this is enough talk for now, but I definitely think that we'll hear more from him in the near future! This are his 2 fucking amazing remixes:

Huoratron - Corporate occult (Nexuspetrol vs VNDL edit)

Noisia - B.R.U.L. (Nexuspetrol vs VNDL edit)

VNDL messaged me a few minutes ago, to say that I could host those two other tracks for download! Woohoow!

VNDL - Blender
VNDL - Toaster

For dreamy dub, I have other conditions. Those songs are more or less unnoticed when I download them, I just think: "well, if this blog has posted it, it will be good!". but most of the time I don't like them after some listens. But sometimes... Sometimes I do find something that grows on me...
RSD - naked mario kart

Thanx to wizards are better for this find (they posted it some time ago). This track made me hum "papapara,papapara pararara" for days. I highly recommend this one!

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  1. sick nouvelles productions sérieux!