Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Don't we all love (I love) techno?

Deafman, a project where I have talked about a lot recently, are aiming for the big fat fish with their latest track. They participated at I love techno's big talent hunt (U love techno), with their track "Power to the people". They didn't promote it, but still it has a solid lead on all the other (At the moment that I'm writing this, 119 tracks are participating) entries, which is only fair if you ask me. Support and listen to the track here! (5 hearts of course!)
If they win this, the track will be released on beatport!

Nadisko released their first Ep on "Monkey see, monkey do!" the 27th of may, called Check your Disco. It contains 2 originals and 2 remixes (Serial Chillers and Modek), and it really gave me a tough time to pick my favourite... In fact I really don't have one, they are all great for different reasons! The 2 originals are noisy club bangers, and the Modek remix makes it even noisy-er. The Serial Chillers rmx has car alarms in it, but it surprisingly turns out to be something else than the plague called "Dutch House". That fact alone should convince you to give the Ep a listen! Buy it on Itunes, Beatport,...

Nadisko - Disko check
Nadisko - Disko check (Serial Chillers check the disco remix) (128 kbps)
Nadisko - Bring it home
Nadisko - Bring it home (Modek remix)

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