Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Kraken is loose again!

It's been a long time since I promoted something from the kraken, aka kraken heart here. The reason for this is quite obvious: the guy just took a short break from this project, to have more time to keep his other one (called Dropout Marsh, this is more dreamy and hypnotic than you're used too if you have heard the kraken already) alive. He's back in business now, his new mixtape is more bangin' than ever. It's actually a new mixtape project, no more Kraken tapes, but Beast tapes. Not that you'll notice, the sound stays the same. Thank God.

Doesn't that first track from the mixtape sounds familiar? Yes it does bitches! It's my homie Comic Strips from Pittsburgh, with his track "Drip Drop". I told you that he was going to rise fast, and for those pessimists who still don't believe what I'm saying, I have some more teasers for upcoming remixes from him. Absolutely lovely, as always!

This one is real short, but it gives you a good idea how cool the full version will be.

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