Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The 80's feeling

This is post number 202 on this page, woohoow! I forgot to add it in my post about Kraken heart and Comic Strips, but I guess you guys didn't noticed it as well.
What excites me even more is my brand new traktor s4 (for those who don't know what it is: watch this), within a few months (or longer, we wait until we are fully assured of our qualities) we will be available for bookings...

Today I have 2 sweet vids for you, both awesome in their very own way... They have one thing in common: they revive that typical 80's feeling!

The first is a promo video for the new Mr. Magnetik Ep, called "Mario is under acid". It will be released on the 24th of December on G point muzik, but I will let Mr. Magnetik do the talking for the rest of the post.

It all started off as a pleasantry, and though here the banter has gone to an offset inspiration taking us through an acidulous pilgrimage. This is how Mr Magnetik got promoted to the rank of demiurge of a track incarnating a play resurgence straight from the 80's!

For the friendly joke to be complete, he sends the track to his best buddy: The G from the G Point Muzik label.

« Mario Is Under Acid » starts as a stage of « Super Mario Bros » and ends up just like it, blowing up into fireworks. We are already all aware that the journey will be epic and that Bowser or any Koopa Troopa will find themselves unarmed facing the percussive rhythm boxes introducing one horny Super Mario. Ultimately, the final score will be grazing the hands of Jean Nipon and Shameboy who are as well joining the game, and offer dirty remixes of the track, coming right up from some parallel dimensions.

Mr Magnetik is here keeping off any pompous torments, turns on the console and delivers you a crazy game, which will make you whirl like pixilated bricks. Insert a coin and don't let the game end, don't repulse your childish pleasures!

The second one is the official clip for Derezzed (for the upcoming Tron movie), featuring Daft Punk, lightbikes, Knights,... Why aren't you watching yet?

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