Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Wrap up # 8

It's been a decent time since the latest installment in this series, but due to all the christmas gifts I get thrown from everywhere, I have a bunch of tracks that really need some attention.

I'll start with a new bootleg from Horse, a guy from Australia, known throughout the galaxy for his insane mash-ups. Now he has taken one of my favorite tracks of all time, Divine Gosa from Radioclit, to the remix-table. The thing with my favorite tracks is that it's really hard to make something that may proudly stand next to the original...
But this one did, although it might be a little more heavy for my taste!

Figure was one of the guys that I loved in the starting days from the blog, but I somehow lost track of him somewhere... Searching through the web I found this massive bootleg for hip-hop collective NWA, which is so heavy I almost fell of my chair, got blown out of my room and landed in a big black hole!
Almost, otherwise I wouldn't sit here writing...

Mr. Magnetik was so kind to share a gift with us, it's a piece of acid that sticks in your brain and stays there until all body functions except your movement are completely eroded.
"Why not the movement?" I can almost SMELL you thinking that! The answer is quite obvious though - you have to dance!

Moore & Lezz will be dropping a very special treat for you, ratrabbits readers, real soon, but in the meantime I have their fresh remix for L&M Bros' "Wario Must Die". They weren't one of the winners of the remix competition though, the boys from L&M had so much trust in their remixing capacities that they asked them to make one.

Doc Trashz is also throwing out presents to everyone who is willing to catch them, and I bet that you will definitely want to catch this one! The buzz around the Tron movie has finally stopped rising, now that it's finally released - but you might want to keep surfing on that hype after you heard this thing!

Dj Antention is quickly becoming the new face of the Russian electro scene, now that the Proxy is working (or at least I hope he is) on his album. His "Ivan" track was already remixed by X-ettl, and now it's also been remixed by Vecho! Dj Antention particulary liked this remix, and apparently the guys from Tuff em up records in Australia liked it too, because they're releasing it! Support the 2 young belgian lads from Vecho by joining their fanpage!

Ok, I think this is finally it...
Post done...
Oh no, what's this? A new Catastrophe Mixtape by Mustard Pimp?!?

I don't think I have to doubt about posting it, especially because their new collaboration with Blatta & Inesha is in there... Love, love, love!

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