Tuesday, 21 December 2010


The friendly dudes from The Oddword got some early support here, but it's been a really long time since I featured them in a post. I hope this post makes up for that!

After their smashing live-sets and cool original tracks, the boys also showed themselves to be prime quality remixers this year. The pope of dope and Jump from Dj Antention were the first remixes that got us all jumping and screaming, but recently they've made some new ones... And they might be even better than the ones I mentioned before!!! "Heavy" from Soda & Suds was a track that I liked a lot, but The Oddword remix really gave it a fresh approach. They just did what they always do: heavy basses, a ravey feeling, and last but not least: an overall approach that makes you want to jump around, scream, punch your mother because she doesn't stop complaining that you party too much.
Exactly the thing an electro track should do if you ask me!

Soda & Suds - Heavy (The Oddword Remix) by The OddWord

I basically got the same stuff to tell about the second remix I'll be giving you, "Fuck You" from Distrakt. This made me yell FUCK YOU! to everyone who wanted to hear it today, I guess I'll need some time to make new friends again...
Not that the track isn't worth it, pretty fair deal if you ask me!

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