Thursday, 9 December 2010

busy , busy , busy ...

With my exams coming closer and closer I can't really find time for anything apart from studying at the moment. And yet I make time for some blogging, I hope that I won't regret this... So yeah , because I can't make time for searching all through the internet for some good new stuff , I'll give you something that I already know for a while.

I got for you a guy called Tim Nelson aka Betatraxx. Well because I can't find a bio of him anywhere , that's all I know about him. But that isn't really important, his music on the other hand is. You could describe his productions as dirty electro with a deep/dark atmosphere, so check out some of his songs...

Here is my personal favorite, called Drug Abuse. It's not the easiest song to mix into another, but I'm just really linking the atmosphere in this song. Although it has some real dirty electro sounds it's still kinda deep.
And for all the producers out there, on his soundcloud you can find all the different lines of this song seperated so you can make a remix of it.
BetatraXx - Drug Abuse ft. Alyssa Young (Original Mix) by BetatraXx

This one is a remix of 4th of July by Kelis. When I first heard the original song I was like: hmm liking that piano sound. But after a while I was already bored. So what I like about this remix is that he kept that piano-piece and made the rest of the song just so much more interesting. Enjoy.
Kelis - 4th of July (BetaTraxx Remix) by BetatraXx

While i was writing the above, a new status of X-ettl popped up on facebook. He posted a teaser for his remix on Jouissance Accablante by Dead CT Bounce. If you had never heard about X-ettl before I'll quickly introduce him to you. X-ettl (or Jens De Ketelaere) is one of the three guys of aerotronic. Aerotronic is known for their trashy electro sound and that sound you can also find in the productions of X-ettl, only a little more cleaner.

This teaser gives you a little taste of something that in my opinion sounds new and fresh. The only thing I don't really like is the climax. But it doesn't really bother me that much so ...

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