Thursday, 30 December 2010

Almost forgot about him

Lazy rich that's where this post will be about. The last time I heard about Lazy Rich is kind of a long time ago, don't know why though. He HAS been making new stuff , it just didn't seem to find it's way towards me... So here are some of his songs and remixes that I missed in this long period of time. So don't be like: dude I got that track like ages ago!

Let's start with the oldest one. A remix of Earpark's hexopolis. This one is a real busy one, epic sounds coming from everywhere! Some dubstep influences, some fidget influences and some really typical lazy rich-sounds. Banger!
Earpark - Hexapolis (Lazy Rich's WTF Remix) by Lazy Rich

The dubstep influences I mentioned earlyer seem to show up in all the remixes he's making these days. On this one there's even an actual dubstep part. A good example that the dubstep hype is a really big one.
DJ Dank - FuNK eL (Lazy Rich Remix) by Lazy Rich

The last one, his 10 days old remix of Return of the king, has something special. Combining funky basslines with all sorts of things, makes me wanna party hard while discodancing-girls with afro haircuts pop up in my head. Lovely!
J Scott G and Imprintz & Kloe - Return of the King (Lazy Rich Remix) by Lazy Rich

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