Thursday, 5 November 2009

Back Once Again With The A-Town Masters

Belgium's (City of Antwerp) most friendly Dj duo "The Oddword" has sent us their new track called "Power People". (The Oddword = Arbotique + YLL!)

The track samples the catchy remix Fatboy Slim did for "Wildchild's"
(= Roger McKenzie) track called "Renegade Master", which became really popular in the late nineties.

The Oddword made Fatboy Slims' remix harder, darker and more agitating but some parts of the track are still pretty funky.

That's what I like about The Oddword's remix.

That's what makes me willing to tear the roof off.

Enough said, find it out for yourself and also check their other tracks on their myspace:

The Oddword - Power People (320)

Tastes a lot better than candy canes!


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