Sunday, 8 November 2009

Slaying the bass!

Harvard bass and Sharkslayer are definitely two of the hottest producers at the moment, their records are being spinned by the likes of Crookers, Sound of Stereo, Congorock, and many more.

Sharkslayer's roots lay in finland, were we can also find Huoratron (the man with the beard). Their style is very different though, Huoratron has some very trashy electro tunes in his portfolio, while Sharkslayer makes fidget. But just listen to it yourself, why talk about genres here? These tracks are worth a bit of your precious time for sure!

Tune Brothers – Finally (Sharkslayer Nassau edit) (right click, save as)
Daniel Haaksman - Pobum Coco (Sharkslayer bass dub) (direct link)
Hot city - No More (Sharkslayer Nassau edit) (mediafire)
Sharkslayer - Scavengers (zshare)
Steed lord - Who u wit (Sharkslayer remix)

Harvard Bass' career got a kickstart because crookers played his song "caked" a couple of times, and then the other usual suspects followed. This californian producer releases a lot of tracks on sound pellegrino, the label that, in my opinion, will become as huge as ed banger records once was. His remix for Beni's "maximus" was played by almost all the artists I checked at I love techno, the words "maximus, dance with us" were everywhere. The Acid Girls remix was a song that was unknown to me before the event, but unknown does not mean unwanted in this case!

Harvard bass - Caked
Beni - Maximus (Harvard bass remix)
Acid girls - Lightworks (Harvard bass remix)
Drop the lime - Set me free (Harvard bass remix)


  1. Harvard bass remix van mega is ook niceee!

  2. is this a new blog?
    you're doing a pretty slick job man :)

  3. Yeah I know about the mega remix, can't find it though...
    And we're pretty new, 2 weeks or something. thnx!