Monday, 23 November 2009

Get your mind blown

Today I am introducing two different electro acts.

What do they have in common? They both got, highly unexpected, one of their banging tracks dropped by The Bloody Beetroots.

Let's start with our own Belgian DJ / Producer Gtronic, which has become pretty famous, after his destructive track Iron Man. (The Bloody Beetroots dropping it + Tommy Tea more than loving it.)

Pretty soon (December) the Iron Man EP will be released which will include different remixes. (Probably a Stereoheroes remix, a Hostage remix and a Boemklatsch remix.)

I am sharing the remix (edit) Gtronic did for Dutch DJ / Producer Devnik. I think it hasn't got blogged up till now, so make sure you get this one.

Devnik - Concrete (Gtronic Party Edit)

Check out his myspace for his other new and upcoming stuff!

Second act is the Australian electro band "Trumpdisco".

The Bloody Beetroots started dropping their remix from Fatboy Slim's "Right Here, Right Now" this summer. It's one of their more catchy and let's say "commercial" remixes, but in my opinion it is a pretty solid track and it definitely made me going wild as hell when the Beetroots dropped it live.

I am really a huge fan of the tracks this guys are producing. Up till now, there is no Trumpisco original or remix which hasn't blew my mind of.

In this post I am sharing a minimix Trumpdisco made, including all their latest / upcoming originals and remixes. It is definitely more than worth your time!

Trumpdisco - Minimix

1. Rammstein - Sonne (Trumpdisco Remix)
2. Trumpdisco - Bullshit
3. Trumpdisco - Dark
4. Phoenix - 1901 (Violate vs. Trumpdisco Remix)... Meer weergeven
5. Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now (Trumpdisco Remix)
6. Trumpdisco - Sonar
7. Marble Sharps - Side Effects (Trumpdisco Remix)
8. Trumpdisco - Hoax Strikes Again
9. P.O.L. Style - Vampire Killah (Trumpdisco Remix) [Nightshifters]
10. The White Electric - Into You (Trumpdisco Remix)
11. The Greenskeepers - Planet (Trumpdisco Remix) [Brooklyn Fire]
12. Trumpdisco - Not Drowning, Raving
13. Gigi Barocco - Puah (Trumpdisco Remix)

Get it while it's hot!

Bonus: The Mould

The Proxy and his friend Polymorphic recently discovered Russian producer "The Mould". In an interview Proxy did for Bunch.TV he briefly told something about this guy. I searched some extra information, but that's pretty hard to find. I am posting the man's myspace because I haven't found any tracks from The Mould. (Yet!) Make sure you check this out, heavy, heavy Proxy-sounding shit! I guess we will hear more from this guy in the near future!

The Mould:

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  1. nice piece,
    Gtronic has a release on Basserk's Some Tunes 2, track called Wuble,

    he is wicked!