Sunday, 29 November 2009

Proxy's complete circle

Evgeny Pozharnov aka Proxy said in his interview with that he was a d&b man, and I thought he was joking, because his normal stuff is everything but drum&bass. This last remix he did for the prodigy changed my mind. There are indeed some typical d&b sounds in this remix, but his trademark, heavy, hard, electro that you know from tracks like "Raven", "Dancing in the dark", his remix for Digitalism's "Home zone" and all his other great tracks, stays intact. You could say that the circle is now complete: after seeing the Prodigy in 1997, Proxy knew that he wanted to make music. He know remixes his former heroes, and he also had the honour to open their shows in Russia.

In his interview with Dazed Digital he says that his noisy sound originates from the hard life he led in Russia, and that he can't imagine a life without his music. Very mysterious man, as Kissy Sell Out once said about him on bbc radio 1 during his "In new dj's we trust" radio show.

The prodigy - Invaders must die (Proxy remix)
Zombie Nation - Shottieville (Proxy remix) (oldie, but it didn't got the attention it deserved)

Diplo (one half of Major lazer, the other one is also known by the name of Switch) is still doing some sick stuff besides his co-project. Here he remixes Tom Stephan's "Turn that shit up", and it sounds very nice! Some "lazer-esque" sounds, which should be enough to give it some love. I'm also giving you the original, this one is more electro and disco orientated.

Tom Stephan - Turn that shit up (Diplo remix)
Tom Stephan - Turn that shit up (original mix)

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  1. shottieville didn't get the attention it diserverd, thats true!