Saturday, 21 November 2009

The masters of Fidget!

They played at I Love Techno, Dour, Pukkelpop, Tomorrowland, 10DaysOff and many more big events. Yes, we are talking about world famous DJs, about 2 DJs whose tracks are supported by MSTRKRFT, The Bloody Beetroots, Crookers, DJ Manaia, Mightyfools, Tiga, ... Their names are Vincent De Boeck and Jochen Sablon and they live in the neighbourhood of Bruxelles. I now present you: SOUND OF STEREO!

Let's have a start: Their first track was Nic Nag, discovered by MTV Belgium and used for a radio commercial. And like that, they were first discovered by a Belgian radio station called Studio Brussel. Stijn Maris, one of the presenters of Studio Brussel still is their manager.

In november of 2008 they released their first EP - Zoopah Dupah - which included Supah Dupah, a track that changed the whole fidget scene all over the world! This one is played over 100 times each weekend in Belgium alone. No wonder Dr. Lektroluv was interested for releasing this track on his label.

Hmm, Here We Go Again, bla bla bla! Do you remember March 2, 2009? Yes, indeed! That was a monday. Like I care? But that stupid monday was the day they released their second EP called Heads Up! And they did it again, BOOOMM

Sound of Stereo also made a lot of remixes. But it's like 3am, I'm tired and my inspiration is gone, so just start downloading and get ready to blow up your speakers!

If you want more of their remixes, just google it yourself! Because the time has come to go over to their last EP ZIPPER that'll be released November 23.
This EP includes 3 tracks: Zipper, Velcro & Button. Here's a preview:

And this is why I call them world's best fidget producers of the moment!

Next year they'll also release a full album. I don't know the tracklist, and I even don't know if these tracks'll be on the album. But here are some previews of new tracks coming out soon.

Dr. Lektroluv dropping Chewbox at DOUR Festival 2009. This track is coming out in February 2010.

Another destroyer that is coming soon is Jungle Rumble!

And oh, just that you know it: There's no guarantee on blown up speakers!

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