Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Momma's Cat

Some of you might have heard something about Mikix the cat, (a producer born in Paris and currently living in Berlin) who made tracks like "outlaw" (imagine a didgeridoo on beats and you get the idea) and "freeze". His tracks were featured in mixtape's from the belgian fidget masters Beatbouncers and Sound of stereo, and you should by now know that we adore Sound of Stereo. So this is a bit older already, but if you didn't got your hands on them, feel free to get em now!

Mikix The Cat - Outlaw
Mikix The Cat - Freeze

A few months ago, I found, on the good old findvoltorbcatchvoltorb, a track from a producer named Momma's Boy. Surprisingly, good old Mikix and Momma's boy is the same dude! Mike Gnacadja is his real name, and with his second alter ego, he seems to get even more attention than before. He has tracks released on the sound pellegrino label, the label to look out for in the future! His track "give it up" is, in my opinion, a true floorfiller, and his remix for hostage will definitely get the crowd movin' too!

Momma's Boy - Give It Up
Hostage - Valhalla(Momma's Boy Remix)

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