Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The Sound Of Destruction

Aerotronic is a band of three young and talented dj's from the city of Antwerp who make very trashy songs and remixes.

"Eat" remixes a track
from the Belgian trashmetal band "Angelskin".

The remix is just a piece of the most distorted electro you can find! Sebastian's old tracks are from the same grade of "hardness".

Aerotronic - Eat

Frequency samples (guess what) Altern8's rave classic "Frequency" and Aerotronic added their hard, distorted sound to the original.

Aerotronic - Frequency

Supermode's house classic "Tell me why" gets an electro make-over, I LIKE!

Supermode - Tell Me Why (Aerotronic Remix)

Also listen to their new track "Helicopter" on their myspace.


Italian producer NT89 sent us his latest track, called Foxes. For those who have never heard of NT89: he made remixes for Blatta & Inesha, Tiga and Brodinski and his songs get played at bbc radio 1 sometimes.

NT89 - Foxes

Also look out for his collaboration with the Australian upcoming producer Distrakt. Their track is called Pumpin' and it destroys dancefloors. (Already remixed by Gtronic and BeataCue + played by Kissy Sell Out and Jaymo / Andy George on Radio 1)

Partyharders, keep your eyes on this one!


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