Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Classics, Remixes And Almost Trash

In Italy, there seem to be a lot of good dj's/producers. You might have heard from Crookers, Bloody Beetroots, Congorock, Blatta&Inesha,... But there are a lot more artists under the surface! Cyberpunkers for example, they have a lot of cool remixes, and they have a weekly radio show, called "flash in punk". This brings us to the thing where I wanted to get at: Pink is Punk, a duo from Milan. They made some excellent remixes for the beastie boys, mr. oizo, and now they did it again! "Something a la mode's" song "rondo parisiano" is a slow track, with violins and cellos and stuff. But Pink is Punk decided to hide these things behind a wall of electro sounds, and I definitely like the result!

Something A La Mode - Rondo Parisiano (Pink Is Punk Remix)

In 1982, Anne Clark released her instant classic "Our Darkness". The lady is still alive now, but that has little interest to us, a group of electro-junks. We like Lektron's remix for this oldie, so why don't post it? Lektron is a guy from Flanders, Belgium, who's been dj'ing since 2000. Some years ago, he started making his own remixes and tracks, and this is his latest beauty which he made for the Anna Clark Remix Competition.

Anne Clark - Our Darkness (Lektron Remix)

We were completely unaware of the existence of P2t, but thanks to their mail, we now know who they are. It's a duo from France, and they make electro that's just not hard enough to be called trash. Their myspace description: "electronique/electronique/electronique"

P2T - Jump

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