Monday, 9 November 2009

Time to know Ryan Riback

"Persistence!" That's the word to describe the rising star of the dance music world, Ryan Riback, a fun loving, music maniac with a gift for making strange sounds! Check out his myspace.

Jaimie Fanatic dropping Everybody's Free

He's born and grown up in South Africa, Johannesburg but moved to Australia, Melbourne in 2006.

His first tracks, "Everything in America", "Touch me on the Dance floor" and the dancefloor destroyer "Boom" are released by Vinyl Pusher Records. These tracks are championed by Lee Mortimer (known from the track Blau), Dave Spoon (At Night), JELO and many others...

Laidback luke & Lee Mortimer - Blau [YOUTUBE; not released yet]

In between his own made tracks, Ryan Riback made a lot of remixes like Faces of Meth, Jungle Boogie, Speed Up and Biscuits.
After this work, some big records labels as Sony BMG and Universal wanted Ryan Riback to release for them!
He went on to remix "Can't Hold Back" from Kaz James ft Macy Gray (Bodyrockers) and "White Noise" from The Living End's which returned into two very nice tracks!

Jelo dropping "This is not a Drill"

This year, Ryan Riback is headlining tours in New Zealand, Canada and the USA.
He also has a new remix comping up: Analog People in a Digital World.

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