Friday, 11 February 2011

Wasted Basterds, Life Express and Modek

Pierrick de Stexhe, also known as Wasted Basterds, is a guy to keep your eyes on. This isn't the first post we did about him (Rather the third/fourth), but he just really deserves it. He's only 16 (almost 17) and already his production are off the fucking hook. Take a listen to his last song and just hear the professionality dripping off the entire song.

Wasted Basterds - Smash My Disco! (Forthcoming on ∆ Records) by Wasted Basterds

Got this one in my mailbox yesterday, an EP of Life Express. There is one original and 3 remixes on it, but I'm only into the original. The original kicks off a little wierd, when I first heard it I didn't expect it to be electro, but at 2:00 it turns into an electro banger like those Transformers turn from cars into robots. 

BR003 Life Express - My To-Do-List (Original Mix) by Bonerizing Records

At last I have for you the Modek remix on Transient by Clash the Disko Kids. To be honest, i'm really not into the other tracks on the EP. But the Modek remix just has this awesome feeling and sound. I'm just in love with the bass starting at 0:29!

Clash the Disko kids - Transient - Modek remix by basserk

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