Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The wasted competition

Wasted Basterds latest track, smash my disco, was supported here a few days ago, but he needs our (yes, that means you) help once again. He is doing a remix competition for this track, and the best remixes will be released on an EP which will be available on iTunes and Beatport. The record label responsible for this release is Dreieck ∆ Records, home of Andy's ill.

So, producers out there, this is a good chance to get a bit of a name in the world of electro, I'd say you grab it with both hands! Here is all the practical info:

1. Deadline: 26.03.2011
2. File format: .mp3
3. send it to
as well as to

All genres are welcome, as long as it is heavy electronic stuff.

And I post his tune once again, so that all the non producers who missed it a few days ago get something out of this post as well.

By the way, stay tuned for a brand new, shiny interview with Gtronic, it should be online somewhere this week!

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  1. i'll try to pull of a decent remix.. working on it : D