Thursday, 17 February 2011

Post it real... slow.

Hey beloved readers of this little blog,

It has been a really long time since I posted some stuff here, but that's apparently not something to worry about. The reinforced ratrabbits blog team is doing a pretty good job, so a bit of laziness from the chief isn't such a big deal anymore.

But anyway, here are a few songs and video's that I digged, hope you'll like em :)!

We start with the clip for Felix Cartal's newest single "World Class Driver". Musically, I like the Harvard Bass remix more (it just sounds so nasty on a big system), but the clip for the original is so fucked up and weird that you'll start to rethink your opinion about it.

Granny's partying like a bunch of coma boozing 16 year olds?
Yes sir! I won't waste any more words about this peace of art, just see for yourself :)!

Next, we have a few releases from BMKLTSCH records, and as always: the quality is exceptional, with a wide array of styles, ranging from electro hip-hop to big basses and grinding synths.

The first release I want to put in the spotlights here, is one from Skip & Die, the "Muti Murder" EP. The track that caught the trophy for "best track of the ep" is the Starski remix, it has a great build up, and a sound that in one way or another makes me long for the festival season...
If you're a fan of electro hip-hop, you should definitely check out "Get your braai on", it reminded me of the party it was when Buraka Som Sistema played at the festivals...

Buy the whole EP here, prelisten here!

I said something about heavy basses a few lines back, and I wasn't lying... The Oddword has remixed Electrophants' Sledgehammer, and as expected, it's a heavy bass monster.

The original Neckbreakah from the boys from Tilburg charmed me as well, the nervous, aggresive vocals make me want to throw myself into a violent moshpit, and dance untill...
well, untill I broke my f*cking neck!

Buy the whole EP on the 20th of february when it comes out, prelisten here!

To end this post, I will give you a new track by P2T, called "psychedelic night". It's dark, a bit frightening stuff, which leaves you behind totally distracted, wondering what just happened...

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