Thursday, 3 February 2011

Mix n' Blend

Mix n' Blend are the Dub and Drum n' Bass kings of Cape Town. This band has to different performances, the one being the live band and the other the D.J.s who create the amazing beats and remixes.

The live performance consists of two D.J.s, a three piece wind section, a live MC, guitar and keyboards. A awesome performance to watch. The combination of the D.J.s and live band is a show stopper. If you ever have an opportunity to see the full band I suggest you take it.

The other performance is the D.J.s you can catch them live but they are the ones to hold responsible if you find a sick beat on the internet. These to guys create amazing beats and remix's.

Gazelle - Die Velore Seun (Mix n Blend remix) by mixnblend

A mellow Dub creation... By the way that language is Afrikaans...

Mix n Blend - Lost feat. Sindi by mixnblend

Thats the mellow Drum & Bass...

Mix n Blend & SFR - Sirens by mixnblend

Getting heavier...

Mix n Blend & SFR ft. EJ von Lyric - Tantrum (Album Mix) by african dope publishing

This song is pretty much what its like live, EJ is the MC.

And now last but not least, the true Drum & Bass...

Mix n Blend - Kitten Mincer by mixnblend

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