Thursday, 17 February 2011

FME, G-Tastic, X-ettl


Imagine a Threesome that consists of 2 ears and 1 mixtape/track/remix that blows your eardrums on the rhythm of the bass … aint that something to wish for?

Today your wish will be granted!

We have Kenneth De Rooze, also known as ‘Fuck My Eardrums’, delivering a smashing mixtape for all those in need of some awesome, mindblowing beats!
As his name tells us, the beats of his mixtape do what they are supposed to do, fuck your eardrums!

Hullabaloo live MXTP by Fuck My Eardrums

’G-Tastic : To describe the G-tasticness of a song.’

It should definitely become a word since all what’s being touched by Gtronic turns into Mindblowing, fistthrowing awesomeness that makes you want to party and jump at that exact moment you listen to it!
Gtronic remixed the new song of ‘The Subs’ for us: The face of the planet.

The Subs - The Face Of The Planet (Gtronic Remix) preview by lektroluvrecords

X-ettl, the leadproducer of Aerotronic, well known for his EP ‘Jetgum’ remixed Nadisko – Nebula and the result is oh so bad ass!
It’s a little Suckerpunchish and with that being said I think we all know what that means : Pure filth!

Nadisko - Nebula (X-ettl remix) by X-ettl


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