Thursday, 24 February 2011

Gtronic Interview

I made some fuzz about the latest edition of rock me on electro a few weeks ago, and even though Trumpdisco cancelled their whole euro tour, and they were replaced by Mightyfools. Those dutchies did a pretty good job, but nothing could really compensate the loss of all the ear-rape Trumpdisco would have brought to Belgium. But anyway, Gtronic, Redial and the aforementioned Mightyfools where all pretty awesome, with Gtronic being the undisputed king of the night.

I suppose you already read the title of this post, so I will not tease you any longer.

You just got back from your first tour in the USA, what was it like?

Well, it was great actually. I played in San Fransisco and Los Angeles, and even though it felt like there wasn't any hard electro known there, they really were a great public. The kids there are actually more open for it.

If you had to choose, what is your favourite country to play in?

Well, I've said it before, and it's still true: Australia. The people there go absolutely crazy, and I've tried a lot of crazy stuff there myself, like crowdsurfing in a rubber boat.

You told me that there is a new EP coming, when will we be able to listen to it?

Well, the EP is finished (during his set he played the 2 originals from the new EP, the one with the "I need... to make... people... dance... NO! I'm a dance machine!" is already my favourite tune of the new year), it will consist out of 2 originals + remixes, and it will be released in approximately a month and a half on lektroluv records. There is not yet a preview available, I'm sorry for that :).

Your sound stayed the same?

No, actually, I tried to make it sound more crunchy, more special, more mysterious. I'm trying to explore my boundaries to achieve that perfect sound. With the new sound comes a new image, which you will all be able to see in the new video clip. It's more raw, more heavy, maybe even a bit shocking. I guess you will be able to see it for yourself when the clip comes out!

Me, Gtronic, and another fan.

In other, rather old interviews you said that you didn't liked to make mixtapes, and that you'd rather invested your time in making tracks and remixes. But in the past few years you did make a couple of mixtapes, one for Omgitm, and 1 for the trashbags compilation (the First Blood cd, I gave 2 of them away as a gift for our first anniversary). What did they gave you to bribe you?

Haha, they didn't bribe me or something like that, but I just feel like making a mixtapes is a lot of work for not much result, which is why I don't make a lot of them. And if I do, I really want them to have a purpose. That Omgitm mix was originally made for my manager, who wanted to send it to club promoters. And I could use it for Omgitm too, so that's how that mix was born. And the First Blood mix was actually a sign of my appreciation for Trashbags' continuous support, they always make sure that I have great tours in Australia, and they made the awesome Iron Man t-shirts.

Do you have some artists that we should keep an eye on?

No man, I actually have no time anymore to go all around the net searching through blogs for new stuff, wo I can't help you with that :)! I used to do that, but then all the touring began, and I had to stop because I had a lack of time. But I can tell you that I really like the new Sound of Stereo track, Hurricane, and that I visited the Dim Mak office, from where I got the info that Felix Cartal is working on a new EP. I'm pretty sure it will be awesome.


Your new remix for The Subs "the face of the planet" is kinda epic, can you tell me something about it?

Yeah, I actually have a story to tell about this track. I first made the remix with only one vocal sample, and then I sent it to The Subs. But because I only had one vocal sample, it sounded kinda repetitive, so they decided to sing the vocals again, with more variation. It's a lot better now! (check this remix in orz's latest post)

What's a perfect party for you?

That's an easy one... Lots of booze, lots of hot girls, and a bit of crowdsurfing when I feel like too.
When I asked him after his set what it was like, he agreed that it was a great show!

Any favourite songs of the moment?

eerrrm, let's say Fuck the system from Cyberpunkers. I like a lot of them, they're my favourite producers!

And the last question, what's your favourite drink?

As you can see, I'm actually drinking it right now: Whiskey-Sprite!

Lots of thanks for Gtronic's time, and for being such an awesome DJ. His set was mindblowing, you had to be there to believe it! Here's a little taste of the wildness, shaped in the 2 dimensional format of a video. 2 dimensional - it can't even explain for 50 % why it was so good...


  1. Hey, i was there as well :D
    I was the guy with the Gtronic t-shirt and green cap, don't know if you saw me, but fuck yeah Gtronic's perfomance was awesome!
    Actually managed to record a video of him playing his new track:

    It's sooo epic!

  2. Ha, there were so many people there, I probably saw you, but I can't remember what everyone looked like :D! I was wearing a super grover T-shirt, as you can see on the pic :).

    And that is his newest track indeed, but the sound quality is kinda fucked... He played the second one of his new ep too, but I can't remember the vocals of that one... I guess we'll know it in a month and a half!

  3. Yeah sound quality isn't that good, but it's hearable : D
    Yeah indeed, can't wait for those tracks! Super excited about them