Thursday, 8 April 2010

Talk to me Jamie!

Jamie Hatkins, one half of the duo that made the Jazzy Wonkey track (be sure to check it! I don't think that fidget, dubstep and jazz will get mixed like that anytime soon!) from my previous post, is throwing a party the 10th. The line-up features some of our favorites (The Oddword and Modek), and Jamie made a mixtape for the occasion. So if you're anywhere near Liège this weekend, be sure to have a check! The mixtape is composed out of tracks that were made by the dj's of the night, so this is a good taste of what it will sound like Saturday!

Jamie Hatkins - Demain J'arrête 10 April 2010 All Star ! by MisterCrash

Dave Luxe - Hustlin (Club Mix)
Dave Luxe - Fuck That Shit (Club Mix)
Dave Luxe - Turning Headz
The Oddword feat GTronic - Chop Chop
Egonoise - Kick Da Music
Egonoise - All My Niggas !
Egonoise - Positron Final
Jamie Hatkins & Egonoise - Jazzy Wonkey
Dopefish - Police In Helicopter (Egonoise Remix)
The Expozers - Pingu World (Egonoise Remix)
The Oddword - Oouch
Dj Attention - Jump (The Oddword jump&fly Remix)
The Oddword - No Machine
Waxdolls - 15 Minutes (Modek Remix)
Ultimate Kaos - Casanova (Modek Redo)
Modek - Mumps
Modek - Boomcrack 09
Röyksopp - Tricky Tricky (Modek Remix)
Egonoise - Myyyyy

One of the biggest hypes on the blogosphere the last few days has been the release of German duo Hey Today's "Talk to me" Ep (came out on Turbo 2 days ago, buy it here). For once, this track is completely worth the whole buzz. Old Boys Noize stuff comes into your mind when listening to this, although it needed a few listens to digg it completely. But once you've had those it's stuck in your head for a long time, let me tell you that.

Hey Today! - Talk to me (removed on request)

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