Tuesday, 13 April 2010

In summer, the song sings itself. (William Carlos Williams)

Summer hasn't started yet on the Northern Hemisphere of our little planet but recently, and even more than recently, lots of producers are hitting the dancefloors with their new productions introducing the summer.

I must admit that I am pleased by these cosy summerbeats which really make me imagine about this laid-back, hot and sweaty festival happiness.

Enough of glorifying this cliché image.

Lets make you experience this feeling by sharing one magnificent example.

On the 26th of April Foamo, AKA Kye Jules Gibbon, will release his new "Jookie EP" on Fat!Records (London, United Kingdom), which is back after two years of rest.

The EP will include two orginals, "Jookie" and "Centavo". On the B-side you will find "Centavo (Warrior One Remix)".

With you, my dear Ratrabbits, I will share the orginal "Centavo".

Please treat it with love, as I do, and cross your fingers while hoping the track will be dropped at many summer festivals.

Foamo - Centavo (128 kbps)



I heard about "Fussy Boy" for the first time after hearing the remix he did for "Dylan Rhymes" which featured in a mixtape from "Blende".

As so far my complex introduction.

Finding information about the guy is one difficult job. I could only find his myspace, which contains not much information. So no real name, no age, no ... but he should be British.

So, I can only tell you that he made this awesome remix, which, I have to admit, has a really long build-up but after 3.34 minutes, it is really time to get mad.

Dylan Rhymes - Godzilla (Fussy Boy Remix)



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