Monday, 12 April 2010

Full blast! I'm sure my neighbours like it!

Going out to a club you've never been before, and once you're arrived you think: What a fkn crappy club! Then the only thing that can make your night is some hard, rawing, trashing, destroying electro music.
Turn the volume up to its maxium, full blast, and raavveee! And at the end of the night, it was one of the best parties you've ever been to. Underground at its best! LOVE IT!

Ok, now I'm sure you're in the right mood for some banging raving tracks.

Starting with KRFTKDS, coming from the USA (California, LA). I couldn't find many information about them. But based on their myspace they started in 2008 and they haven't got a label yet. Have a listen, and let the music control your body.

KRFTKDS - Yo Yo (direct link: right click, save as..)

They also made a remix for Belgiums upcoming talent Shaved Monkeys!

And talking about Belgium: for me Gtronic is the one of the best DJs who can turn a crappy club into a crashing party like I described at the top of my post.

Staying in Belgium we have Trashing Teenagers?!, labeled under Basserk.
Its a project of three friends who share the passion for crazy sounds and heavy basses, established in 2009.
"We love freakin distortion" is what they want to tell the world, and so their music does:

And to finish this post, I first want to apologize for postings this one so lately. The most of you probably already know this track, but for those who don't:

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