Monday, 26 April 2010


Apologies for another weekend without a single post, but I hope to make it up with this post. long periods of waiting for posts might become something usual, as the finals are coming closer. And Ratrabbits need study to, otherwise their parents get real mad. But stay with us, we won't let you down in your search for the most banging tunes from the net!

The first dude who will get his bit of attention today is Illstm. He teamed up another time with A Girl and a Gun (their first collabo resulted in the beast of a track named "Uppercut"), and created Moctezuma. This is Illstm at his best, and it eases the pain that I had when hearing that Blanka Kidz wouldn't ever see the light of birth... Due to some technical issues, he can't complete the track. So the only bit of it we will ever get to hear is the 1 minute piece in his OMGITM mix. Anyway, he's real busy at the moment, rumors about a release on Ed Banger together with Sawgood are circulating... (Or not, apparently it was just an april fool... Stupid me!)

IllStM - Moctezuma (feat AG&AG and natesH) by IllStM

I was also really digging this remix he made for Playdoe's "Ice cream". Released on Leonizer records together with 8 other remixes and another original.

Playdoe - Ice Cream (IllStM & Zôl rmx) by IllStM

BAM! That's how hard Gtronic's new track, Sucker Punch wil hit you! Released on Dim Mak or Lektroluv recs, it's going fast for this guy! After one or two Ep's on Dim Mak he's signed exclusive to Lektroluv for 3 years. And we all know what happened with Sound of Stereo when they got signed to Lektroluv... After the Zipper Ep on lektroluv came Flatland (wasn't really digging that one to be honest) on Dim Mak, and now they have just finished touring North America. Belgium for the win! No new track or remix from tha G at the moment, just keeping you posted.

Depuis 91 is a Belgian trio or Quattro (having a big dick is apparently a very important thing for these dudes, that's why they have the fourth member). I am liking the way they present themselves, not taking the whole thing to serious, but they have some dope tracks up in their sleeve. Melodic and hard at the same time, the real Ratrabbit way...

Athlantiq - D91 by dewaele

Download link

Depuis91 & Paco De Moor - Our Way by Paco De Moor

This last one is an experiment, a blend between pop/rock and electro. A bit old skool feeling


  1. looooool dude. The rumor is just an april fool's gag from Sawgood. In fact, he doesn't like Ed Bangers very much.

  2. Haha, ok, I didn't quite got the joke then.
    thanx for the info!