Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Moore Lasers!

After a winterbreak full of tours, Stereoheroes found some time to produce a track with their friend from Portugal, Da Chick. Some cheesy vocals, in the fine company of some trademark Stereoheroes basses, ready to get the party started! Normally this would be released, but because they lost their work files, it won't. Real sucky for them, but for us, this feels like we're a kid in a candyshop, and the shop-owner isn't there.
Free candy time!

StereoHeroes feat. Da Chick - Action Pack (Laser Trip) by stereoheroes

Moore & Lezz, a new duo you say? Think again, this antwerp based duo has gained fame already from their solo projects (Mr Moore and Komputerist). They have recently released a track on Basserk (Click Clack!), alongside acts like Aerotronic, Nobody Beats the Drum and many others. Buy the whole shizzle on iTunes!
Now let's get back to Moore & Lezz, because they are worth more than one check. Their latest track, Pole Position, is the hardest thing they've made so far, somewhere around 1:30 it gets real nasty.
Moore & Lezz - Pole Position (demo) by Moore and Lezz

King of Swing is something that even the ladies will like, swinging their asses like we're back in the sixties. This time-travel takes only until you have reached the 2:20 mark. Boom, back in 2010, with a blend of fidget and trash!
Moore & Lezz - King of Swing by Moore and Lezz

I had never heard of these guys, but they really blew my mind. Check more stuff on their soundcloud!

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