Thursday, 29 April 2010

West Corner: 51'6'N - 2'39'E

It has been quite a long time that I wanted to post about "Beat & Bang". A lack of time made me delay my intentions.

Now that I have finally found some time: behold my eternal word-spreading masterpiece!

In the past two years the Belgian DJ trio
Beat & Bang was formed by three rather young DJ's: DJ Ramzez (Ramses Vandelanotte), Sir^Conflex (Ben Peperstraete) and Wall-E (Bram Wallyn).

Recently they have been experimenting and producing a lot of original tracks which they are sending into the idealistic world of music.

It seems to be worth the effort, as they are gaining more and more recognition in the Belgian electro scene.

They had for example the chance to share decks with the lacks of Soda 'N Suds, Shaved Monkeys, Kill Frenzy,... Which proves again that the younger part of the Belgian electro scene has been forming one little family.

Even more important: pretty soon Beat & Bang will have their first official release.

Personally, I think this Beat & Bang formation has shown us a lot of potential.

I have some tracks for my fellow Ratrabbits in order to sort out your opinion:

Beat & Bang - Beat Conductor
Beat & Bang - Bassey
Audio Bully's - We Don't Care (Beat & Bang Neither Remix)

(I really like the hard parts after the drop.)

Other Beat & Bang tracks:

Beat & Bang - Ouch
Beat & Bang - Bling Bling

Beat & Bang - WTF
Beat & Bang - Ambient Monster

You can hear them all at:
Beat & Bang Soundcloud

Hope you guys like it!


My favourite Australian DJ duo "Trumpdisco" has finally shared another original track with the blog world in which they have sampled some vocals from the movie (comedy) "Step Brothers".

Watch the scene:

Trumpdisco - No Way Kimosabe

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