Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Are you deaf man??? it's Babylon!

Deafman, a co-project between Lektron and Dj Glenn. They have a Live-set where they create the sounds live on stage, and this sounds kinda genius, if I take this live-vid as a proof.
This track has anthem-power I think...

I couldn't stop banging my head when listening to this, such a killer tune. Loving the baretts, and the fact that they don't use software like ableton, everything is played live on stage with old synthesizers from Korg and Sequential circuits! If they play a dj-set, they throw a blend of electro, italo-disco and fidget into the room.
Diskett is available for download below, make sure you tell all your friends before they come to you talking about that awesome Deafman track they found...

Deafman - Diskett

One of the biggest hypes from 2010 in the blogosphere so far, was Babylon by Congorock. Not much remixes came close to the dub version (vocal version was kinda sucky I think), but Pink is Punk did. I think this has the same ravey feeling as the original dub version, perfect for the people who grew a bit tired of it. I might even say that this is harder than the original, and they added some real nice effects like a horn from a boat at 2:15 and a looped voice which continues throughout the whole track.

Congorock - Babylon (Pink is Punk remix)

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  1. Deafman is great !! I saw them live a couple of weeks ago and it was WHOOOP WHOOP !!!