Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Owls, Krakens and Beers

Toxic is dead, one of the killer tracks by the Toxic Avenger, has been remixed an awful lot of times. Some of them were bangers, some didn't... So far nothing special, because that's how things always go. Now Owl Vision, a Swedish producer of "death electro" has sent us his re-interpretation of this track, and it got me jumping and screaming, even more than the original did.
One of the best remixes you'll find of this beast of a track, enjoy!

The Toxic Avenger - Toxic is Dead (Owl Vision Remix) by Owl Vision

Download link, soundcloud has reached the download limit.

Now it's time for one of my favorite new projects, Kraken Heart. The third Kraken Tape has quickly become one of my favorite all-time mixtapes (rumors about a fourth one are growing!!!) , and I've been begging the dude for tracks, but so far he hasn't fallen yet for my irresistible charms. Anyway, he has made a teaser to promote himself (he has used parts from the blockbuster Clash of the titans), and it has such a mysterious vibe over it, I'm curious to see what else he has in store for us!

envoyé par krakenheart. - Clip, interview et concert.

This is the track he uses in the vid.
Drakkars by Kraken Heart

The last track I'm sharing with you is one from Lektrobeerz, a duo that's not aiming for eternal fame and loads of money. What are they doing it for then? Beer, lots of beer.
If they weren't making some dope tracks, this mission statement probably wouldn't bring them far. But their previous track "Frost" had that special thing that would work well in a club, and their new banger "Echo", definitely would get a crowd jumping. Sounds a bit like the first Sound of Stereo tracks, old-skool banging!

Lektrobeerz - Echo by Lektrobeerz


  1. Yeah I did already post Owl Vision remix on my blog, really nice remix and still bringing something new !

  2. Oh yeah, TID remix + Post about my friend Kraken Heart ! Really fat :D

  3. Kraken Heart is so good...
    Just when I thought I got tired of fidget, he comes in!