Monday, 5 April 2010

Mr. Haezer, tear down this wall! (Ronald Regan)

Lately, I have been really digging the "Haezer" sound which springs from Cape Town, the capital of Western Cape, which at his turn is a province in South-Africa.

Ebenhaezer small should be his real name, so tells facebook. To be honest, I have never heard about such a name but I hope facebook speaks the truth here, because I think it is one awesome name.

So, now we know where to find him and who to ask for, lets talk about his music.

Cape Town has a population of around 3 million of people and Haezer found his own way to distinguish himself from this mass: hard, noisy and trashy music supplemented by some exhilarating vocals.

After listening to some of his new tracks, I asked him if he wanted to share some new stuff with my fellow Ratrabbits.

This is his friendly reply:

F.O.O.L - We're not French (HAEZER Remix)

(Which has a great build-up)

HAEZER - Gangsta Part 2

HAEZER has also recently (december) organised a remix contest for his original track "Crack In The Wall". In february this year, he announced his top 5.

Out of this top 5, I have chosen my favourite:

HAEZER - Crack In The Wall (The W4rriors Remix)

(Haezer's winner: HAEZER - Crack In The Wall (Chains Remix))

To end with one of his latest original tracks:

Haezer - Anarchy

If you like his music: check out his myspace, visit his facebook page, his soundcloud page, undress yourself dancing and yelling on his music,...
To end with some African words:

Geniet van hierdie fantastiese skywe!

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