Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Mixtapes for the win

Oh my god! It has been an awful long time since we shared a new mixtape with you...
Maybe it's not such a bad thing, after all, you need time to listen to it! We were sometimes sharing to much of them for you guys to listen to them all...
But why do I like mixtapes so much than? A whole bunch of reasons, such as:
-You can hear what a dj will most likely play when you see him in a club or festival
-It's a manner of staying in the spotlights when you don't have new tracks (or just don't have tracks yet) as a producer
-It's fun to listen to, and you might get some dj'ing hints from them
-Producers can include their upcoming hits, so that people get a sneak preview of them, without having to worry that the piece gets ripped out of its context (and in the rare occasion that it is done, well... let those peeps who did it enjoy it! They are not hurting you by doing this)
-Experiments, like minimixes (where you can showcase your fast mixing skills) or megamixes (Jack Bauer mixtape from Mustard Pimp as an extreme example) are always welcome!

Regardless of those advantages, to much is to much... listening to mixtapes as a blogger takes a big bite out of your "music checking" time, so that's the reason why tracks are a much better way to start a career (Gtronic anyone?).
But today, I have 2 tapes for you that you will definitely dig!
The first one is from my mates the Beatbouncers, a name that's new to this blog, but certainly not to the Belgian scene. They haven't pumped out anything that we could post until now, so this banging mixtape is a good start for those who have never heard of them.
Blocking the sun for sure!

Sunblock Mixtape by Beatbouncers

The second one is a new from the pimps, for their friends Blatta & Inesha. Mustard Pimp has included a lot of unknown (and unreleased) songs from producers that we here at Ratrabbits dig very much, along with some of their own upcoming bangers. The ones that we knew already, were some of the best tunes from the past month. Towards the end, it gets a little special, with a hardcore track and a french singer/songwriter tune. Great mix, and it's only 30 minutes long!

Mustard Pimp - Mini-Mixtape Exclusive For by mustard pimp

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