Saturday, 19 June 2010


The amazing BMKLTSCH record label sent us yet another mail full of news about upcoming releases on the label. Besides their label, these dudes also have a dj/live set (under the name Boemklatsch), where they play on stage with 6 people at the same time (3 dj's, a host and 2 vj's). Their productions always put a smile on my face, because they don't take the whole thing too serious (you've probably already guessed that from the name). Below I have a few upcoming remixes from them, the first is one they did for Shameboy's (very famous in Belgium) "Vultures".

Shameboy - Vultures (Boemklatsch remix) by Boemklatsch

This collab with Dem Slackers should be released in august, below you can already preview the bass-slapping track!

Slap In The Bass - Surko (Boemklatsch & Dem Slackers remix) by Boemklatsch

The new releases on the label both come from producers who got famous with a remix for "Amsterdam". Dem Slackers remixed Mightyfools' "Amsterdam", and they made us all admit that we had a serious alcohol problem. RipTidE gave Jennifer Delano's "Amsterdam" a face-lift, and a star was born. Basically every dj of the planet played that track last summer, and it made us all wonder what "I came to the city of Amsterdam, and I bought myself a bicycle" meant. I still haven't figured it out, but I guess it doesn't matter that much, Riptide is on fire!

Dem Slackers & Fake ID (I have no idea who that might be) "Working title" EP is actually a free one, to promote his upcoming "Let's go" EP which is going to hit you straight in your face from in july. Boemklatsch and 3 is a Crowd did a great job remixing, Boemklatsch giving it the high-pitching approach and 3 is a crowd making it a bit techy (not too much luckily) and with a beat pattern that sounds very classic (I remember it from somewhere, can't recall from what though). If this was a buy-able Ep, I had ordered you to get your ass straight to beatport, but hey... it's free!

Dem Slackers & Fake ID - Working title
Dem Slackers & Fake ID - Working title (3 is a crowd remix)
Dem Slackers & Fake ID - Working title (Boemklatsch remix)

Whole Ep for free!

RipTidE (aka Max Bedeker) is always in for a surprise or a weird thing to do. An example: he recorded a song with Tibetan monks. Now that's something YOU surely wouldn't do! His music sounds original, but sometimes a bit to slow for my taste. The original "Fireleaf" isn't my cup of tea, but Clashes made it a bit more distorted and hard which turns out great.
But if I was a Dj, and I was looking for a track to play in my set... it would definitely be "Fk Me". The vocals (Fk me, Fk me,...please don't make me wait) are exactly what a sweaty crowd needs to go completely nuts, and I can't wait until I hear it getting played live at full volume...

RipTidE - Fireleaf
RipTidE - Fireleaf (Hidden Cat remix)
RipTidE - Fireleaf (Clashes remix) (direct link)
RipTidE - Fk Me (direct link)

Buy the whole release here!

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