Thursday, 17 June 2010

US electro is not dead!

My 2 favorite US producers seemed to be a bit lazy the last few months, or at least we didn't brought you any new stuff from them... But The Disco Villains and Figure weren't sitting down and doing nothing, they actually prepared some sick new stuff!

Let's start with the Disco Villains, because they had some bad luck with the health of Louie Fresco, who was really sick the last couple of months. Now that he's getting better, they started to work in the studio again, and they pumped out some summer style songs that fitted my mood perfectly today. They're all quite techy and with a latin vibe, but every once in a while I like my songs that way. Eyes wide open for the nex ep, they have caught Etienne de Crecy as a remixer!

Disco Villains - Carnavalismo by Disco Villains

Disco Villains - La Boa by Disco Villains

Figure's Ep, called 'the death of Joshua" was released on we are live records a few days ago. Angry distorted tunes (like he describes it on his own blog, Penned Madness), that was a genre that he didn't made yet. These 3 tracks are all a bit more trashy than his other stuff, but just like I said before, this man is so genius that it always turns out great! There should be coming a remix ep too somewhere soon, with remixes from Modified Noise and Flufftronix.

Tracklist of the teaser:
Lover of the broken
Bring it
The death of joshua

Buy it on beatport here!

Figure - The Death Of Joshua ep (Sampler) *Out now* by Figure


This remix for Tiga's "you gonna want me" is one of the few songs that I'd happily download a shitty, setripped and full of jingles- version from. The reason why is obvious: it's massive! Played by Erol Alkan, and tons of others are to follow!

Tiga - You gonna want me (Hey Today! remix)

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